PAC is the native token of Pacman Finance.

Token Details

Pacman Token

  • Name: Pacman

  • Symbol: PAC

  • Decimals: 18

  • Total Supply: 30,000,000 PAC

  • Address: TBD


Token reserved for VeIDO. The unlock part of the token will circulate immediately after IDO and the locked part will be locked in the VePAC.


All of the team's shares will be locked into a 2-year vePAC when the protocol launches.


The treasury will hold the LP tokens of PAC/USDC and PAC/ETH. Its funding will come from VeIDO, the transaction fees of the protocol, and the discount fees in the option token. For details, please refer to the treasury.

Liquidity Incentive

Reserved for liquidity mining. The pool allocation will be announced and can be adjusted by governance.

Airdrops/ Marketing

3% of this amount will be airdropped to early users and early liquidity providers in multiple rounds. Additionally, 4% of this amount will be distributed as incentives for campaign activities, marketing, collaboration, and other contributors.

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