oPAC incentives are distributed among different gauges both based on how vePAC holders vote on the gauge weights and funds staked in the gauge.

Pacman users can stake their LP tokens in gauges, provide funds in a lending protocol and Participate in governance to receive oPAC incentives.

How to earn oPAC rewards from gauges

  • Provide liquidity to a Pacman leverage yield pool that has a gauge.

  • Stake your LP tokens into the gauge.

  • You will now receive oPAC rewards over time. You must claim the rewards from the gauge contract.


Boosting is a mechanic in Pacman tokenomics where holding vePAC increases the rate at which you receive oPAC rewards from staking in a gauge.

The Pacman model for Boosting

CFOO: Controllable & Fungible Ownership Optimization

Why am I receiving max boost in one gauge but not another?

The amount of boost you receive depends not only on your vePAC balance, but also on the vePAC balances of everyone else in the gauge you're in.

Remember: staking weight is ultimately relative, since all the stakers are competing for the same pie!

For instance, if you're staking in a gauge where you're the only one who owns vePAC, then your boost has a much more significant effect. If everyone else has a lot of vePAC, then your vePAC has less of an effect since everyone else is much more competitive.

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