🤖Welcome, Pacman

Pacman is the first decentralized leverage yield & liquidity aggregation protocol, community-oriented on Arbitrum.


Pacman Finance will be a community-driven project where token holders can vote on proposed changes to the protocol, ensuring transparency and fairness. All performance fees will be distributed to VePAC token stakers who hold the governance power of the system.

Pacman Leverage yield farming is supported by the combination of a robust incentivization system CFOO - a unique vetokenomics system and multi-liquidity leverage yield farming provided by SushiSwap, UniSwap and Ve(3,3) permissionless liquidity market.

The benefits of Pacman Finance

1. Concentrated Liquidity

Pacman leverages its liquidity in order to concentrate capital by farming ETH Pairs which greatly improves capital efficiency for liquidity providers and reduces liquidation risks.

2. Unique Vetokenomics

Pacman built a vetokennmics system based on Curve and FOO around VePAC and oPAC to reduce the frequency of farm and dump scenarios and increase longevity.

3. ETH Liquidity Extension Aggregator

By increasing the utilization rate of ETH funds on the lending side, Pacman allows you to draw interest-free loans against Ether used as collateral.

Moreover, projects can get further efficiency boosts from the vetokenomics, offering LSD services on Arbitrum.

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