Voting for your favorite Dex and Trading Pairs

The main purpose of the vePAC NFT is to direct emissions to Leverage LP token pairs. This is achieved through voting for the pair. Emissions are distributed proportionally to the total percentage of votes in the epoch.

The expected emissions can be calculated using a simple division formula as such:

emissions(PAIR)ย =ย %ย ofย totalย votesย รท100%emissions(PAIR) \ = \ \% \ of \ total \ votes \ \div 100 \%

For example, in the first epoch, 5,000,000 PAC will be distributed. If 10% of all votes are allocated to the SushiSwap ETH-USDC pair; that pair will receive 500,000 PAC tokens distributed linearly throughout the epoch.

Each vePAC can distribute its voting power to multiple leverage LP pairs in each epoch. Once a vePAC votes, its result cannot be changed during the current epoch.

The rewards of voting activity.

The user needs to hold vePAC to participate in voting (How do you get vePAC). vePAC are specialized ERC-721 tokens that implement the vested-vote escrow (ve) model, representing a user's underlying position.

VePAC has a multitude of benefits in the Pacman ecosystem. such as:

  • Voting Incentive during the first 1-2 epochs

  • Vote on gauge emissions

  • Vote on pools to earn Vote Bribes, and leverage farm Fees

  • Transfer/Merge NFT positions

  • Enjoy Protection Rebases

  • Get a lower oPAC strike price(For Genesis veNFT holders)

vePAC Revenue Distribution Schedule after Voting

Vote Bribes and Vote Incentive: Users earn vote bribes immediately after the epoch flips. For example, if there is a 1000 USDC bribe or $1,000 oPAC on a pair, and you are the only voter, you will receive 1000 USDC or $1,000 oPAC claimable at Thursday 00:00 UTC.

Swap Fees: Voters earn trading fees in real-time throughout the week, based on the pool(s) they voted for before the epoch flips.

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